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            Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. (UIG) is a full-service supplier of air separation plants, oxygen plants, nitrogen plants, and merchant liquid plants producing liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon.  Its affiliate, UCG, is an onsite gas producer and supplier. Air: Source of the atmospheric industrial gases - oxygen, nitrogen and argon - produced in air separation plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen plants by UIG.

            An all-new air separation plants with 350 tpd liquefier designed and supplied by UIG - operated by Airgas in New Carlisle Indiana

            Industrial Gases Production, Equipment Supply and Services

            Universal Industrial Gases (UIG) is a designer, manufacturer, supplier, installer and operator of industrial gases production and supply systems. Its product portfolio includes air separation plants, cryogenic oxygen plants, cryogenic nitrogen plants, liquefiers, and compressed dry air systems. UIG is also a supplier of associated  engineering, construction, installation, training, start-up, and ongoing plant operation and maintenance services.     

            UIG supplies gaseous and liquid nitrogen, oxygen and other products such as compressed dry air and argon, directly to customers from on-site production plants which are owned and operated by UIG.  "Over-the-fence" / on-site-produced product supply arrangements allow UIG to produce and deliver products to users as needed; at lower cost, and with more stable pricing, than alternative sourcing arrangements.

            UIG ships air separation and other gases-related equipment world-wide with installation advice and assistance as needed for each individual application.  Air separation plants and supply systems can be supplied as full turnkey installations - commissioned and ready for operation. UIG also takes pride in meeting requirements for industrial gas products, equipment and commercial arrangements that other companies cannot or will not. Specific scope of supply and associated commercial terms are customized to reflect each user's site-specific needs and desires.

            UIG can provide rapid delivery and installation of industrial gas plants and equipment to meet aggressive project schedules Both new plants and reconditioned plants are supplied with performance guarantees and warranties. In addition to supplying complete systems for gas and liquid production, UIG supplies new and used cryogenic liquid storage tanks, product vaporizers and cryogenic liquid transport trailers.

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            UIG profiled in Gasworld - Changing the Industry Landscape   See News

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                  UIG supplied / UCG owned and operated onsite oxygen and nitrogen plant - Hunt Refining - Tuscaloosa Alabama
            UIG Offices in Bethlehem PA   UIG dismantling a100 tpd Oxygen plant in Mexico in preparation for relocation (with upgrades) to Saudi Arabia
            This "piggyback" plant, relocated and upgraded by UIG, produces oxygen gas + merchant liquids in the United States Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen (LOX and LIN) storage tanks
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            About Universal Industrial Gases

            Industrial Gases Products & Services

            UIG Engineering and Site Services

            UCA Compressed Air Supply

            UCG Onsite Gas & Liquid Supply

            Employment / Careers with UIG
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            Universal Cryo Gas - Onsite Gas Producer - Nitrogen Supplier, Oxygen Supplier, Argon Supplier

                 Universal Cryo Gas Home Page
                    Oxygen Supplier (GOX, LOX)
                    Nitrogen Supplier (GAN, LIN)
                    Argon Supplier (GAR, LAR)

                 About Universal Cryo Gas
                 Universal Cryo Gas - Q&A
                 UCG - A Change for the Better

                 UCG - Tips on Changing Supplier

            Liquid CO2 - Carbon Dioxide         Liquefaction Plants

            Project Showcase - Highlights
              100 tpd Oxygen + 200 tpd Liquid Plant
              200 tpd Oxygen + Liquid Argon Plant
              Small Cryogenic Gaseous Oxygen Plant
              100 t/d Liquid CO2 Plant - Poland
              Small Gaseous Nitrogen Cryogenic Plant
              100 tpd Oxygen for Saudi Arabia
              Low Purity Oxygen PSA for Albania
              250 tpd Liquid CO2 Plant - WI, USA

              All New ASU / Liquefier Plants
                 New Carlisle, Indiana
                 Carrollton, Kentucky
              Oxygen and Nitrogen to Hunt Refinery

            UIG in the News
               UIG Changes the Industry Landscape

            Contacting UIG

            Internet Inquiry Form

            UIG Site Map        UCG Site Page List

            Air Separation Technologies Overview
                 Cryogenic Air Separation Processes
                 Liquefier Processes and Integration

                 Non-Cryogenic Air Separation
                 Product Supply and Delivery Modes
                 Plant Selection & System Optimization

            Air: Source of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon
                 Carbon Dioxide in Air
                 Moist Air Properties and Relationships
                 Psychrometric chart (I-P Units) (pdf)
                 Psychrometric chart (SI Units)  (pdf)

            Industrial Gases Characteristics & Uses
                 Oxygen - O2 Applications
                 Nitrogen - N2 Applications
                 Argon - Ar Applications
                 Neon, Krypton, Xenon - Applications
                 Carbon Dioxide - CO2  Applications
                 Hydrogen - H2 Applications and Uses

            Properties of Gases & Other Chemicals
                 Physical Properties (English Units)
            Physical Properties (Metric)

            Active Unit Converter Toolbox
            Temperature and Pressure Units
                 Usage Rate Unit Converter
                  Air Quantity Unit Converter
                 Oxygen Quantity Unit Converter

                  Nitrogen Quantity Unit Converter
                  Argon Quantity Unit Converter
            CO2 Quantity Unit Converter
                 Power and Energy Unit Converter
                 Weight Unit Converter
                 Length Unit Converter
                 Area Unit Converter
                 Volume Unit Converter

                 Psychrometric Calculator

            Conversion Factor Tables
            Oxygen Unit Conversion (gas, liquid)
                  Nitrogen Unit Conversion (gas, liquid)
                  Argon Unit Conversion (gas, liquid)
                  Hydrogen Unit Conversion (gas, liquid)
             CO2 Unit Conversion (gas, liquid, solid)

            Atmospheric Pressure versus Elevation

            Refurbished Plants: Used & Upgraded  Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants, Air Separation Plants

            Used Plants and Equipment of Special Interest

            New Plant Portfolio - Overview
                 Air Separation Plants: ASU
                 Cryogenic Oxygen Plants
                 Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants
                 Non-cryogenic Nitrogen Plants - PSA
                 Nitrogen Plants - LIN Assist
                 Universal 3000 - Merchant Plant
                 Universal 8000 - Merchant Plant
                 Liquid CO2 Plants

            Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tanks, Vaporizers and Transport Trailers -

            New Equipment
                LOX/ LIN/ LAR Customer Stations

                 Large LOX/ LIN/ LAR Storage Tanks
                 CO2 Storage Tanks
                  Cryogenic Transport Trailers    

            Used Storage Tanks and Vaporizers

            Used Cryogenic Liquid Trailers 
                 Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2

            Industrial Gases Safety

            Emergency Response

            Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
            Liquid Argon (Ar, LAR)
                 Gaseous Argon (Ar, GAR)
                 Liquid Nitrogen (N2, LIN, LN)
                 Gaseous Nitrogen (N2, GAN, GN)

                 Liquid Oxygen (O2, LOX, LO)
                 Gaseous Oxygen (O2, GOX, GO)


            About  Universal Industrial Gases  and Universal Cryo Gas

            Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. is a Bethlehem, PA, USA based industrial gas company, founded in 1992. UIG is a United States based manufacturer of new air separation plants and a worldwide supplier of reconditioned used plants which produce gas & liquid Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2) and Argon for industrial users and for distributors of bulk liquid products. UIG is a designer, manufacturer, fabricator and builder of cryogenic air separation plants, oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and liquefier equipment. UIG also supplies associated engineering, installation, operation & maintenance services, cryogenic storage tanks, compressed dry air production equipment and "over-the-fence" compressed dry air supply services.

            A UIG affiliate, Universal Cryo Gas, LLC (UCG) owns and operates onsite gas production plants which supply clients with nitrogen, oxygen and argon as on-site pipeline gases. UCG was established in 2005. Gases made in UCG operated nitrogen plants, oxygen plants and air separation plants are supplied to chemical plants, refineries, and other users under utility-like long-term product supply agreements.


            Contact Us using our Inquiry Form (or phone or fax if you prefer) regarding:

            • Purchase of a new or reconditioned nitrogen plant, oxygen plant, air separation plant, liquefier, or complete LOX/ LIN/ LAR merchant liquid plant

            • On-site production and pipeline supply of compressed air, gaseous nitrogen, and/ or oxygen and argon

            • Purchase of equipment, such as cryogenic storage tanks, used in air separation plants

            • UIG installation, operation and maintenance services, including consultation on plant upgrades and relocation


            Universal Industrial Gases, Inc.
            Universal Cryo Gas, LLC
            3001 Emrick Blvd, Suite 320
            Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18020, USA

            Phone (610) 559-7967 Fax (610) 515-0945

            All material contained herein Copyright 2003 / 2019 UIG.  

            SIC Code 2813   NAICS Code 325120    Industrial Gas Manufacturing Companies
            SIC Code 3569   NAICS Code 333999   Industrial Gas Machinery & Equipment Companies

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